2wire 3800hgv-b

What is 3800hgv-b?

It is a residential gateway that is used to link to the Lightspeed network. It has numerous features that include those of an advanced broadband router. It is a 2wire gateway.

3800hgv-b Overview

The 3800HGV-B comes from 2Wire and works as a total network solution for setting up an internet connection as well as viewing HD videos online. The device has compatibility with online streaming services. It also works as

  • Modem
  • Wireless router
  • 4-LAN port

The 802.11g wireless standard connectivity offered by this gateway helps stream up to 54mb every second. The serial no., provided at the back of the device, works as its default password.

Some highlights of this product are:

  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Superior Wireless Experience
  • Multimedia Coaxial Networking
  • Integrated Voice over IP
  • Triple Play Services Platform

3800hgv-b Features

Some of the major features of this gateway are:

  1. Flexibility of networking – It offers in a single box varied home networking technologies like HyperG wireless, direct USB, MoCA and Ethernet.
  2. High-quality firewall – Its firewall is professional-grade and involves both Stateful Packet Inspection as well as standard NAT/PAT security that offers protection against Denial of Service Internet attacks.
  3. Advanced modem technology – The modem technology of this 2Wire gateway comprises of long loop and enhanced bridge tap. The router boasts of superior performance and seamless distribution of data to all the computers on the network without any remarkable loss of speed or performance.
  4. Extremely fast router speed – This router provides its users with the fastest speeds of data transfer between the internet and the network.
  5. 802.1X Authentication – It provides 802.1X Authentication, a type of port-based authentication that uses certificates residing in the 3700HGV-B gateway and the RADIUS authentication server. These are signed by a Certificate Authority (CA). Network access is allowed when the gateway and the RADIUS server successfully interchange certificates.

3800hgv-b Specs

The specifications for 3800hgv-b are as mentioned below:

  • HomePNA 3.1 – 1
  • Broadband Interface – Broadband Ethernet or VDSL
  • Ethernet Ports – 4
  • Voice Over IP – 2 lines
  • HyperG Wireless Enabled

You may click here to check out the specs of this gateway from the official page of 2Wire.

3800hgv-b Wireless

This 2Wire gateway consists of an integrated wireless access point. This allows users surf in a wireless mode throughout the office or home. The high-powered 2Wire wireless technology nearly wipes out wireless “coldspots” in homes. It includes a high power 400mW transmitter which ensures enhanced wireless bandwidth all through the area of coverage.

The gateway also utilizes a special triple antenna design. The gateway employs the third antenna solely for the transmission of packets, which reduces power loss occurring due to shifting the use of antenna back and forth between reception and transmission. It leads to higher access point sensitivity. This is because placement of antenna can be optimized better by using a dedicated set of “Reception-only” antennas.

3800hgv-b Ethernet

Ethernet refers to a LAN (local area network) technology that sends information at high speeds of 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps between computers. The 3800hgv-b has four Ethernet ports that can help in setting up direct connection between computers or devices in the office or home.

3800hgv-b USB

The USB port of the 2Wire gateway lets users connect computers or other network-ready devices directly with one another.

3800hgv-b Setup

Installation of 3800hgv-b requires components that need to be included in the 2Wire package as well as provided by the service provider.

2Wire items should include:

  • Gateway 3700
  • Phone cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable
  • Power cord and adapter

Service Provider components should involve:

  • Coax cable
  • Filters
  • Splitters

The 3800hgv-b should preferably be mounted by Vertical Orientation.

3800hgv-b Instructions for Installation

Computers can be linked to this gateway by one of three types of connection. These are:

  • Ethernet
  • Wireless
  • USB

Any of these connection types should be chosen to connect a computer to the gateway. All open programs should be saved and closed before setting up the connection.

3800hgv-b Tweaks

Much like other 2-wire products, this gateway can be slightly tweaked to make it function as per requirement of individual users. If the data transfer rate is slow, it can be quite difficult to transfer large data packets between the networks. This can be improved by configuring and lowering the MTU (Maximum Transmissions Unit) of the gateway. The MTU on the 2-Wire gateway is the amount of data that an individual packet can contain while communicating with the network.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reduce MTU on your gateway.

  • Call the technical support number of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and find out the new MTU value.
  • Visit the Management and Diagnostic Console page of 2Wire on your Internet browser.
  • Type the password of your 2Wire account. Click “Sign In” and get the configuration settings.
  • Click on “Configure Services” in the “Advanced” menu on the left browser area.
  • Click on the “Force Upstream MTU” field. Replace the existing value with the new value determined by your ISP. Click on “Submit” and save the changes. This will allow the gateway to apply the fresh settings and reset itself.

It must be remembered, though, that the reconfiguration of the MTU should only be done as per the instructions of by your ISP. A wrong setting can cut off your DSL connection.

3800hgv-b Manual

Many users are having problems in setting up the gateway and configuring it properly with their existing service provider. You can download the 3800hgv-b user manual from here.

According to users, the unit is comparatively easy to install and configure though you may have to reset it once or twice after set-up due to poor quality of cable signal. However, support for this product is almost non-existent at this time. There is no official page for this product on the website of its manufacturer, 2-Wire. The USB driver installation CD for this unit is not available for download on websites of either the manufacturer or the carriers. Much like many other preceding 2Wire products, this device is said to work well only if it is performing the basic functions.