9 Elegant Skins for VLC media Player

Of all the media players out there in the market VLC or Video LAN client is the best friend your multimedia files can ever have. First of all it doesn’t glitch and it supports almost all file extensions out there in the milky way. Do not try to play a file with your nick name as extension because it wont be able to play it and you obviously don’t want to feel being rejected!!

From developers to the Noobs (I mean freshers) this player satisfies all. I have been using this player since it was under development version in the last decade. Since this player is built in modules it can easily change and adapt major changes with ease without making much changes to the major code base. Facts aside lets move on to the title of this article which lists you the best skins for VLC media player.

Changing Default Skin to Add New Look

Almost every VLC version since its initial launch load the same default skin after installation. This is undoubtedly the best professional look but if you want to tweak it to your taste which suits your personality, there is simple work around to tackle this default situation.

First of all you need to find the default installation folder where VLC has been installed , which is inside “Program Files” named as “VLC Media Player”. Now find the “skins” folder inside it and locate the “.vlt” file. This is the file which defines the default skin for your VLC player.

Remarks: If you have the habit of changing the installation directory, path, name of the default installation folder, try to remember it and then find the assigned folder.

Download the skin files from the links provided below and copy them to this directory. You can copy as many skins as you want to this folder, just remember that two file names cannot be same.

Now Open your VLC media Player and select the “Tools” tab from the Menu Bar. Select “Preferences” from the drop down menu.

Find the “Interface Settings” and select the “Use custom skin” tab under the “look and feel” option. Now click on the “choose” button and select the “skin resource file” you have downloaded from here.

I can see that you are smiling right now. Have fun and share it with your friends to increase your Geek factor.

Remarks: You will be required to restart the player manually, in-order to apply the changes.

Changing Skin During Play Back

Now if you want to change it from the newly applied one to another one then just right-click in the viewing panel. From the “interface tab” find “select skin” and then you will find all the available skins. From there select the new skin to be applied.

Featured Skins


Download Link


Download Link

Windows Media Player

Download Link


Download Link


Download Link

Default Remix

Download Link


Download Link


Download Link

Alienware DeskStar

Download Link

VLC Media Player Official Skin Download

There are many more skins in the official forum of the player. We have provided a snap shot below. Just click on the skin you want to install and select download. Copy the file to the above mentioned folder and your player will have its new skin installed in seconds.

Remarks: Please note that the skins wont be working for Macintosh OSX 10.

The skins have been specifically designed for Windows and LINUX/UNIX users. So if you are on the other side of the river there is no place for you here. If I find any information for your OS, I will post back a new article soon.

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