How to Change Facebook from Blue to Pink Theme

Seems like there are people who are really addicted to pink. One of my colleagues last night asked me wondering if Facebook had a pink interface instead of blue and the geek inside me felt like, wow kill blue with pink !! what an Idea. You must have guessed it by now, the colleague is the female of our species. Now not making much fuss about the conversation let us start with how to get this thing done.

Just made me scratch my head – Facebook pink theme !!! whats wrong with people these days? Facebook provides no theme styles for its users nor they allow apps which can interact with the front end graphical user interface of the Facebook code system. If you want your Facebook to look pink you can do it in your browser in the offline mode. This means that you can get pink Facebook in your browser but others who will be viewing it will see the natural blue.

In here we will be changing the look and feel inside our browser and it has nothing to do with the original Facebook page which is out there online. We will be using a simple script from the user styles website and patch it up in our browser. The script will automatically load all the blue colored icons replace with the pink ones defined inside the script. This is a very safe procedure and is run by Grease Monkey Script.
adobe photoshop cs6 download full version

Pink Facebook For Chrome

  1. Go this link
  2. Press Install
  3. Select Allow
  4. You are Ready to Rock ad Roll

Pink Facebook For Firefox

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click Download
  3. Now Install the xpi file
  4. Enjoy pink fb on Firefox

It is to be noted here that you cannot have the same feature in Internet Explorer as it does not allow user scripts. You can say its a good thing as well as a bod feature for experimental users.
P.S: If you are a Geek please don't use this, but you are free to share this with your sister, mother or may be your Girl friend. Enjoy your time.



  1. Madam Lala says:

    i can’t click the LINK for chrome user…

  2. ivett says:

    Can u change my blue Facebook for pink Facebook