Pando Media Booster Review

It is a small yet powerful download client which effectively manages your download speed from streaming sources. It drastically increases the speed by utilizing the spare bandwidth of your concurrent transactions. It implements peer to peer technology to stream multimedia content from various sources with the help of its secured servers which can push data at a much faster rate.

What is the need for Pando Media Booster?

It will force faster streaming of online videos for a better and rich graphical experience. With the help of this small interface less tool one can view High definition Full screen online video streaming. It can also bring super fast downloading environment. One can expect to download games, software and varied multimedia files over the net.

The best thing about this program is that it works only when requested. So if you do not want it for every streams it wont bother you with pop ups or any other conflicted options.

What is the difference between Pando Media Booster and other P2P programs?

In a normal situation the P2P programs upload and download simultaneously. The amount of data downloaded can be as¬†well uploaded depending on the peer count and availability of the file. But if you are using Pando Media Booster, it ensures that heavy upload conditions are never forced from the user’s system.

If you PC is lying idle and a request for downloaded file is done from another user only a minimal amount of resources will be utilized such that it wont affect your working conditions and help with a small amount of data being shared with the requesting peer.

What about Privacy of My System?

In simple words, Pando booster cannot even share your offline files. Even if it could it wont be doing so as it is against their Terms and conditions. You can rely on this program for secure transactions of file across the globe. No records or personal data is ever made available.

Can Some other User Hack into my System Using this Program?

Its almost impossible to take down access of your system from other peers. The software is designed in such a manner that not even your system fall under direct connection to our central hub. It is all encrypted. The program automatically verifies each connection request before making connection within the network. If a request is unauthorised it will simply terminate the command and hence it will never be able to connect to your system.

The encryption level provided by this program is very secured and a remote machine cannot identify explicitly any other machine in any way. The peer network is maintained with very high abstraction layer method so compromise does not stand a chance here.

How did it get Installed in my System?

There are many publishers who rely on this program to transfer large files. If you have recently downloaded any large file say game or video, this program is first installed to your PC and then this is the program which helped you download the large data so smoothly.

There are many publishers who are in partnership contract with Pando Media Booster, so it is obviously not a virus which you need to worry about.

How does Video Streams So fast with this Program?

The speed depends on the number of viewers. It is a normal calculation. Say you want to watch a video which is being streamed by many users at the same time. This means that if there is a minimum amount of resource being left out from each user it may boost the speed of another user which has just started to stream that file.

The CDN technology implemented by Pando is cost effective and it dynamically handles the transfer rate between systems. If the speed is less it uses its own servers to stream those files so that the optimum level is always maintained while streaming files all the time.

Is Pando Media Booster a virus, Adware or Spam Program?

No, it ain’t a Spam or Adware. You should know it by now that any adware starts opening fake spam pages on your browser or will ask you to download fake antivirus files showing fake alarms and other bogus dialogue boxes.

It is verisign verified and all the working modes are available in the Read-me file available in the installation folder. Moreover if you want to get rid of this program you can easily uninstall it from the Add or Remove Program Menu.

No personal Information is ever collected nor any Ads, pop-ups or spy-ware is passed down from under the application interface. Since the identity of your System is kept anonymous no one can connect to your system or can forcefully upload or download files from your system. All fies are publicly blocked and can only be processed or requested via secure Pando servers. You can say that its almost like surfing the Internet Anonymously.

Pando colaborates with many esteemed clients who are very big brand names in the commercial world.

How Can I use Pando Media Booster to share files across the Globe?

Actually Pando Media Booster is being implemented only by commercial organisations, like Television Networks, software providers and Game Distributors. One cannot download and install this program to receive or send files across friends or groups explicitly.

You can join the 20 million users who are already enjoying the fun and become a part of the community. There is more to share other than Multimedia files or Games in the network.

How much Amount of Resource does Pando Utilizes?

A very small or very minimum amount of resources are laid hands on. The minimum amount of bandwidth or CPU usage is so negligible that it cannot be measured by an individual working standards.

How to Configure Pando Media Booster?

Pando Media Booster being an UI less program doesn’t show up in your start-menu folder. You need to browse to the Control panel option of the Windows XP system and click on the icon to set up the parameters.

How to remove Pando Media Booster?

Removing this program is similar to removing any other application installed in your system. Follow this simple step to get your task done.

  • Go to Start
  • Select Control Panel
  • Select Add or Remove Programs
  • Right click Pando Media Booster and select “Remove”
  • Restart to remove any temporary associated files left out in your system

For Windows Vista Users

  • Go to Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Programs and Features
  • Right click on the program and select “uninstall”
  • Restart.

Pando Media Booster For Publishers and Individuals

If you are a publisher and you would like to use this program to transfer video/games/applications to your clients you can contact the Pando Networks Solution team for quotes and pricing.

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    This post is very impressive! This software must be very good because this review fails to find any downsides. Rarely do we have the pleasure of witnessing software so good that its own FAQ can be paraphrased into a review ( Really, though, I guess I should be praising this article for its underhanded, but clever, scummy marketing practice. After all, the fact that the only “review” available of a piece of software is not a review but simply a paraphrase of the software’s FAQ really shows that this software has an enthusiastic group of supportive users.