Top 30 Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

Nearly 5 years back, when Microsoft’s Vista was facing a lot of flak for its various negatives, its inclusion of sidebar gadgets was appreciated by many. Windows 7, its successor, has taken the gadgets out of the sidebar and launched them onto the desktop itself. Check out a list of top 30 desktop gadgets for Windows 7 available for free download and find out which ones you may use on your device.

Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

The launch of each new Windows OS leads to a profusion of new apps on an every day basis. But a big problem with gadgets is finding the right ones – apps that look great, offer interesting functions and serve diverse purposes. Good gadgets make the desktop more useful; save your time and help you function more comfortably.  Here are 50 free desktop gadgets for windows 7 users. The apps listed here deserve to find a way into your desktop management portfolio.

System monitors

System monitors Gadgets Picture

It is not one gadget but a collection of three useful apps rolled into one that provides you with real-time data about your computer’s usage. The “CPU Usage” meter displays a graphical representation of processor usage, including usage data for each processor core as well as the RAM. The “Network Meter” shows IP addresses and keeps you informed about both downloads and uploads. The “Drives Meter” shows the capacity of all connected hard drives.

Click here and get this essential tool.

Simple Search Bar

Simple Search Bar Gadget Image

There are gadgets and then there ARE gadgets. As the name indicates, this one is a search tool that lets you look up for results from Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Search. Forget opening your browser, setting up your home page preferences and more such stuff! The cleanest look up tool is here.

Get this useful gadget from here.

Remote Desktop Gadget

Remote Desktop Gadget Photo

This handy tool lets you connect to computers remotely attached to your network, right from your desktop. The app boasts of a user-friendly interface and lets you manage server history with ease.

Click here to download this nice little application.

Blue Calendar Gadget

Blue Calendar Gadget Image

The tool helps you set your original Windows calendar gadget to a blue color to make it match with the bluish-wavy theme of the Microsoft OS. Click here to download it.

MSN Weather Widget

MSN Weather Widget Gadget Image

Keeping the tabs on weather has just got more useful with this little bundle of joy from MSN. Frankly, it is not feature-rich but a basic yet handy enough application to inform you about weather conditions in your area. The gadget shows your city name, temperature and a graphical image of your time and current weather conditions. You may also get five-day extended weather forecasts for your area, displayed right over your desktop. However, you will not be able to get further information, such as wind speed, humidity or radar.

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Clipboard Manager

clipboard manager gadget Picture

This tiny piece of useful app lets you get quick access to your clipboard history. Whether you want to retrieve your previously copied texts and images or create your favorite clips, the task is neat and a cakewalk with this tool. Thinking about the privacy issues? You may set the gadget in “Private mode” to make sure that the clipboard information is not available to any other user.

Download this pretty little gadget from here.

Auto Translator

Auto Translator gadget Image

It is a simple, hassle-free gadget that lets you translate words and even phrases in many foreign languages. This is highly useful if you have a lot of foreign clients or friends and often need to translate words and phrases in other languages like Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Swedish.

The gadget is powered by Bing Translator and can be downloaded from here.

Avatar 360

Avatar 360 gadget Photo

Quick and easy to use, this one is a gamer’s delight! The cute little gadget lets you display your avatar as well as those of your friends in full size on your desktop. When you click the avatar’s head, the associated gamer card is displayed. You may display as many avatar’s as your system can handle. You may show off multiple avatar’s on your screen by just dragging another copy of the gadget onto your desktop and adjusting the settings to another gamertag. The only thing you require is an Xbox account.

Download it from this location.

Amazon Search

Amazon Search gadget Image

This one had to be there for all online shoppers waiting for their fill. Fast and easy to set up, this is basically a look-up bar for all Amazon users. This little tool quickly searches for your products on the Amazon online store and displays results in a very neat way. This one has got to be there, right?

Get it from here.

Auction Sidebar Tool

Auction Sidebar Tool gadget Photo

If Amazon has one, can eBay be far behind? Probably the biggest auction site out there, eBay boasts of over 94 million users and lets you buy and sell over the three Ws. This eBay app lets you surf and sell items as well as track your bidding without keeping your browser open throughout the day. The gadget lets you bid directly, thus saving your time. It is safe, easy to install and consists of a user-friendly yet customizable interface.

Click here and get it.

Battery Meter

battery meter gadget Picture

Wouldn’t it be nice if your precious laptop warned you how much power it has got left much before going dry and leaving you with your work unsaved? This cool, handy application from Mioplanet has a light, full-featured battery monitor that shows the amount of time left in a greenish-black floating window. It also shows the total time that the device requires to be fully charged, when plugged to a power source.

Get this useful software by making a click here.

Control System with Clock

Control System with Clock gadget Image

This terrific gadget shows you the time as well as gives you easy access to the system control buttons like Shut Down, Log Off, Restart and Hibernate. An in-built slider protects you from making accidental clicks on one of the buttons. There is also an option to change the theme color, in case you want to match it with the overall appearance of your desktop.

Click here to download this tool.

Djinngo World Translator

Djinngo World Translator gadget Picture

While Auto Translator helps you transform a word or phrase into a foreign language, Djinngo helps you automatically detect the language of a foreign word or phrase and change you into a familiar tongue for you. You may translate it in as many as 51 languages.

Get this useful language tool from here.

Drives Meter

Drives Meter gadget Photo

It helps you monitor the memory space on your hard disks as well as flash drives. It also displays reading and writing speed as well as activities on the disks. The app also provides with usage information about your processors and network as you use your computer.

Download the gadget from this location.

Earthquakes Meter

Earthquakes Meter Picture

It is a must if you live on shaky grounds, literally. A brilliant application, it tracks all earthquakes across the globe within a minute. It does so by recording the speed of Seismic waves that travel through the planet. The average speed of Seismic waves traveling through the Earth or any other elastic body is approximately 2 to 8 km per second. A deviation from this wave speed can alert the gadget and alert you immediately. This will help you prepare and respond better to a possible earthquake.

Get this terrific application from here.

Horoscope Daily

horoscope daily gadget Picture

As the name suggests, this is a tool that brings your daily horoscope predictions right onto your desktop screen. The application shows a rough prediction for people belonging to any of the twelve constellations. However, you cannot understandably expect customized results based on your ascendant. One mighty feature of the tool is the ability to modify the language of the results. The international, multi-language version of the gadget supports over 30 languages.

Download the utility from here.

MSN Headlines

MSN Headlines gadget Image

This neat, little application lets you stay informed about the happenings across the world. The app displays the top headlines of the hour and also packs in a small search bar powered by Bing to know more about a particular event. It also shows the temperature in your region.

You can click here and get this informative software. Note that it supports only 32-bit Windows operating systems.


MultiSearchIt gadget Photo

This cool desktop gadget lets you search Google as well as many other search engines like Yahoo, Altavista and Ask. You can look up for maps, music, softwares, images and a lot more without opening your browser. You can even surf Amazon, Wikipedia and even YouTube right from your home screen. You may customize the app with a skin of your choice.

Get this freeware from here.


Piano gadget Picture

Love playing music? Even if you do not have a piano, you may use this virtual tool to create piano sounds. The app plays just like a piano and needs you to press a few buttons on your keyboard. This free desktop gadget has big-sized buttons to support touch-screen playing. If you were looking for a musical retreat from your boring desk jobs for sometime, this is possibly the best answer you have got.

Click here to get this free utility.

Speed Test

Speed Test gadget Image

This virtual meter can help you monitor the usage of your RAM and CPU and run tests to determine LAN bandwidth, WiFi signal strength, hard drive memory and activity and battery charge. Whenever your computer slows down, this tool can display the problem and provide you with detailed information. It gives a graphical representation of your connection speed and bandwidth behavior.

The app has a very simple and intuitive interface that lets you choose from as many 73 backgrounds and 19 skins. It can be downloaded from here.

Universal Dictionary

Universal Dictionary gadget Image

The software allows you to search for words in more than 50 languages comprising of Englsih, French, Spanish, German and many others. It is a fantastic reference tool that displays definitions for complex words within seconds. This is a must-have app for students, scholars and even average users who do not possess a good knowledge of word meanings.

The application may be obtained from here. Search Search gadget Photo

If you are a Digg user, you must have already heard about this neat little app? With this around, you can view top stories from the social news site – It is a very useful time-saver for trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts across the globe.

You may acquire this software from here.

Bamkee Shop

Bamkee Shop Image

This free utility saves a lot of time for shoppers by allowing them to look up for the products they want on multiple shopping websites. The usual suspects like Amazon, eBay, Tigermart and Walmart are there of course, accompanied by,, Petsmart, Overstock, and The app features a small search bar with a drop down underneath that lets you pick the shopping site of your choice.

Download this free application from here.

SharePoint List Gadget

SharePoint List Gadget Picture

This handy tool is designed to show off all contents of your internal and external SharePoint Lists. The app lets you monitor your preferred Sharepoint lists in a fast and easy way, right from your desktop screen. It monitors all new as well changed elements on the list and summarizes them. The autofresh feature lets you detect changes on lists defined by you.

The utility can be downloaded from here for free.


SendSMS Gadget Image

This simple software installs seamlessly into your Windows 7 computer and lets you send SMS from your desktop with your mobile phone connected to the PC. The light freeware is very easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to understand and operate.

Click here and download this free utility.


myFacebook Gadget Photo

This helpful gadget helps users connect to their Facebook account and check or modify their status. It also lets them view their friends’ groups, statuses, albums, notifications and events. Once you set it up on your computer, you will have to render a one-time code for Facebook. You will be able to access the gadget once you enter this 6 digit code into its settings.

Get this freeware from this location.

AOL Video Gadget

AOL Video Gadget Picture

Ever wished that could save time going to video sharing websites and search for videos from your desktop itself? This freeware has just made it possible and how! From news and celebrity videos to movie trailers and music videos, this cool gadget brings it all right onto your desktop. What’s more, they are constantly being updated into high quality. So say bye to old, smudgy videos and welcome HD stuff. The app draws you in with its neat, good looking interface which makes it easy to look for videos and even share the ones that you have got. With 12 skins to choose from, you may customize the application to the color scheme of your computer.

Make a click here and get this freeware.


Release-Search Gadget Image

An excellent app, this pretty little piece seems to have got out of a downloader’s dreams.  Precisely described, this one lets you search for direct downloadable files that are available on one-click hosters. The search takes only a click or two over this great desktop gadget that uses the Release-search website to look up for results, which are displayed in a fly-out menu.

Click here to set up this essential utility.

Run Gadget

Run Gadget Photo

An important tool, this is basically a replacement for the Run option available in your start menu. With Run gadget around, it is easy to open a document, program, folder or even a website. The only thing you need is to input the URL or program/document/folder/website path into the Run gadget and the address will immediately be opened. This is an absolute essential app that every Windows user must have, even those using previous OS versions such as XP.

This free application can be obtained from here.

Doppler Radloop

Doppler Radloop Gadget Image

This small tool lets you easily monitor radar images on your Windows 7 desktop. The full-featured gadget enables you with options to pan, zoom and point forecast. The images are updated in real-time and give you a better understanding of weather in the coming hours. The simple app gathers information available from the public domain of the NWS. It saves a fresh image after every 5 minutes thus letting you get a movie-like idea of weather changes over time. It can be configured to show countries, cities, highways and topography. It also displays weather warnings. The lightweight software comes from developer Gadget Greg and has a simple interface that is easy to make out.

You may click here to get this freeware.

Hope this list of top 30 desktop gadgets for Windows 7 proves useful for you. The apps included here have been hosted on trusted servers and most of these are extremely popular with Windows 7 users. Download any of these new desktop gadgets for your Windows 7 computer. If you know of some more cool gadgets compatible with a Windows 7 desktop, feel free to inform us and share your knowledge with the world.

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