What is vcomp100.dll?

It is an important file of the Windows Dynamic Link Library architecture, although very rarely used. The main purpose of this program is to find and report errors and fault occurrences inside the operating system.

Is vcomp100.dll a virus?

No. It is definitely not a virus and no Trojans or malware of the same name has yet been found to infect systems. This is a verified file from the Microsoft Corporation and you should neither edit nor remove this file from your system.

vcomp100.dll Error Messages

Some of the common error messages associated with this dll file are listed below:

  • “vcomp100.dll Not Found”
  • “File vcomp100.dll not found”
  • “The file vcomp100.dll is missing”
  • “vcomp100.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.”

We often came across many users who were still reporting the error even after completely installing the Visual MS C++ package. This makes it essential to highlight another important aspect of reinstalling a dll package. You need to install the program and then hook it up to the registry editor manually. Sometimes, a re-install simply fails to register the dll file to the operating system registry.

  1. Download and Install MS Visual C++ Redistributable package
  2. Press Win Key + R
  3. Type cmd and press Enter
  4. Now type in the follwing command exactly as it is –¬†regsvr32 -u vcomp100.dll
  5. Press “Yes” when prompted
  6. Restart your computer

Fixing missing vcomp100.dll in Windows

This is actually a very tricky error and cannot be fixed explicitly. The main reason for this error message is a missing or corrupt vcomp library file. However, you need to reinstall complete MS Visual C++ Redistributable package to fix this problem.

We have personally tried contacting Microsoft for individual file replacement but were unable to get any proper feedback from the support team. The only hint that we found from an online support chat session was that it is a very critical system file for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP operating systems and needs to be completely installed as a package. Complete installation overwrites all current C++ redistributable files and fixes the problem.

vcomp100.dll dolphin Issue

This is similar to the same C++ problem, although a bit different. Users get the error when they unzip and try to install the Dolphin emulator. The error is displayed despite the presence of the file in the system32 folder. This often gets resolved by updating the DirectX drivers. Make sure that you install the correct version of Visual C++ to fix your problem. Also update your Direct x to the latest version.

Download MS Visual C++ Redistributable package

You can use the following official Microsoft download link to install this package:

Download vcomp100.dll

You should not download and install system files from third party websites. Most of these file are patched with scrupulous codes and binary values which can compromise your system. Even if you remove those files later they leave a backdoor open for hackers to get inside your system. Many of these files are hosted with anonymous account on Mediafire, rapidshare and other free uploading sites.

If you are having problems fixing this problem you can ask for help and solutions using the comment section.